Strength Starts Underneath

Hot Tub Strength Starts Underneath

Fiber Steel Construction

Our hot tubs feature a patented 7-layer laminate system reinforced with steel and wood. This combination creates one of the strongest shells in the world.

Pressure Treated Wood Cabinet Frame

Cal Spas Specially-designed cabinet frames are treated to resist rot, corrosion, and invasive pests and insects. Our American-made Pressure Treated Cabinet Frames are construceted using 1-inch galvanized steel fasteners, corner gussets, and vertical angle bracings for added beam support.

Unlike our competitors that use metal frames, pressure-treated wood dampens sound and vibration; making Cal Spas the most soothing and relaxing spas in the industry.

Tru Blue™ Vacuum Safety Break

This VGB Approved safety break feature automatically reduces pump suction in the event of an obstruction or intake blockage.

Hydro Steel Foam

This high-density foam is added to support the plumbing underneath so nothing gets out of place.