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Hot Tub Service Requests

Hot Tub Service Requests

We service Cal Spas, Dynasty Spas, Caldera® Spas and Freeflow® Spas

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Should something go wrong with one of our tubs, we are there for you.
We do both warranty and non-warranty repair services.

Drain, Clean & Refills

Basic Service includes:

    • Drain Spa
    • Scrub Spa Surface w/303 Multi-Surface Cleaner
    • Clean Spa Cover w/303 Multi-Surface Cleaner
    • Clean Filter(s) with Leisure Time Instant Cartridge Cleaner
    • Refill Hot tub
    • Add Start-Up Chemicals (*not included)
    • Balance Water Chemistry
    • Running water and electricity must be available

Ala Carte Options:

    • Basic + Option #1: Wax spa surface with Leisure Time Spa Gloss
    • Basic + Option #2: Condition Spa Cover w/Leisure Time Cover Care Conditioner or no charge upgrade to 303 Protectant.

Like all major hot tub manufacturers, we recommend that you drain and refill your spa three to four times per year. If you choose not to follow draining/refilling recommendations, you may encounter:

    • Unhealthy water conditions
    • Skin irritation and other skin problems
    • Equipment deterioration and decay
    • Potential voiding of warranty


Proper winterization is key to ensure that your spa doesn’t freeze over the winter months. Simply draining your spa is not sufficient and if anything will most assuredly result in the residual water freezing and cracking your plumbing, fittings and equipment. Hot Shots Hot Tubs & Spas can perform your winterization and ensure that your spa will be ready to fill in the spring with no worries! In addition, you may want (and we do recommend) to cover your spa and spa cover, after your spa is winterized. This will ensure that no water and/or debris can enter your spa. An uncovered spa can encounter freeze-ups that can crack plumbing and jets, and can be very costly and time consuming to repair. We offer the Protecta-Spa cover as an affordable option to cover your spa for the winter.

Winterize Service

Basic Winter Closing

    • Draining of your spa (if necessary)
    • Blowing out of all jet/plumbing lines
    • Blowing out of the air jets if equipped
    • Clean filter(s) with Leisure Time Instant Cartridge Cleaner and rinse for storage (*when running water is available)
    • Cover spa for winter (see options below)
    • Running water and electricity must be available

Cover options:

    • Tarp – Typically lasts 1-3 season – this is a high quality tarp – not bargain basement blue.
    • Cable/Winch System – Used to secure tarp
    • Protecta Spa Cover – Typically lasts 5 – 7 years and does not require Cable/Winch System

What about antifreeze? Although there are pipe antifreeze products on the market; we do not recommend them because it is very difficult to fully clean out the residual antifreeze. It leaves nasty residue on your hot tub and in your water come springtime. Piping antifreeze is not like car antifreeze, which is part of a closed circuit system with a pump designed to get the antifreeze everywhere it needs to be, piping antifreeze needs to be applied with great effort to assure it hits every pipe and manifold. We put that same effort into blowing the lines dry. Dry plumbing does not get freeze damage! Why spend the extra money on a product that provides NO added protection and a mess when you open your tub?

Call us when you’re ready to close your spa for the winter or
early enough to drain & refill before winter sets in!

Opening Service:

    • The tub is cleaned with a fast acting surface cleaner that removes tough water lines and grease build-up.
    • The tub is rinsed, vacuumed, and wiped down with a towel.
    • The shell of the tub is waxed from the waterline to the lip of the tub to protect the acrylic finish from chemical attack and fading from UV rays.
    • The filter cartridge is cleaned with a spray on formula to remove oil, grease, calcium, and scale formation.
    • The operation of the tub is checked to make sure that the heater, pumps, blower, and controls are working properly.
    • The water is shocked with a chemical that disinfects the water and kills any bacteria.
    • Running water and electricity must be available

Give us a call at (631) 293-3920 to schedule your maintenance service or fill out the form and submit it to our Service Department.

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