Saffire Grills

Master the Ancient Art of Ceramic Cooking

Saffire brings unmatched quality and innovation to the art of ceramic cooking. This ancient Asian style of cooker has now been perfected by Saffire to absolutely shine in every aspect of American outdoor barbecue!

Grilling – Smoking – Baking.

  • Minimal Maintenance
  • High temperatures make ceramic walls self-cleaning.
  • Brush off stainless steel cooking grids
  • Food and grease droppings are burned up and become ash
  • Minimal ash production = several uses before removal

Stop in and see Saffires Unmatched Construction

Saffire uses bigger, thicker hardware with the highest quality metals and a high polish for beauty and longevity. This high quality is backed up with a lifetime warranty on the Platinum Series grills.

Smokin’ Chip Feeder:
Never has it been so convenient to add the perfect amount of smoke to your barbecue. The key is Safflre’s patent pending Smokin’ Chip Feeder.

Eliminates these problems:

  • Having to put chips in first, and have them burning up, before the food goes on.
  • Having to open the grill while cooking and thus interrupting the cooking cycle, fanning the flame and losing heat.
  • Having to remove the cooking grid with food on it.
  • Trying to get chips to the fire by dropping them through the grids causing:
  • Chips getting in the food
  • Chips getting stuck in the hot grid
  • Hands being exposed to fire